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Sailor Moon Forever

The Series

The Whole

Sailor Moon: ep. 1-46
- The Sailors discover their identities and unite, to fight Queen Beryl, their former nemesis from the days of the Moon Kingdom.

Sailor Moon R, Part 1: ep. 47-59
- Another enemy, in the form of two aliens named Allen and Ann, threaten the earth. The Sailors must unite again to destroy this threat.

Sailor Moon R, Part 2: ep. 60-89
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- A pink-haired child who looks very similar to Sailor Moon arrives in Tokyo from the future, with the NegaMoon in pursuit.

Sailor Moon S: ep. 90-127
- Someone's stealing pure hearts, namely the Death Busters, and... Sailor Neptune and Uranus?

Sailor Moon S Movie:
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- Princess Snow Kaguya, an enemy who failed before to make the earth a part of her collection, is back to try again.

Sailor Moon SuperS: ep. 128-166
- Chibi-usa has an encounter with a beautiful unicorn named Pegasus, who is being chased by the Dead Moon Circus. Should they help him even if he won't reveal where he's from?

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, Part 1: ep. 167-172
- Queen Neherenia is back again, and has the knowledge of the Sailor Senshi's identities as well. What did she do to Tuxedo Kamen?

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, Part 2: ep. 173-200
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- Mysterious Sailors begin to appear everywhere: Sailor Star Fighter, Sailor Star Maker, Sailor Star Healer, and Sailor Galaxia..? What are their motives and what do they want?

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