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Sailor Moon Forever
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Serena and Darien's Love

Love of the Universe


Serena and Darien's love and relationship is the strongest, most passionate relationship in the universe. I have never seen in anime love like theirs ( Besides Haruka and Michiru they would even go to hell for each other as long as their together.)So here's the 411 on this love story within a love story...Rini is included within this too.

The Past

Serena and Darien lived in the Silver Millenium over a thousand years ago. Serena lived on the Moon, and Darien was the Prince of Earth. The two fell in love and were engaged. Then Beryl came, and Darien told the Princess that he would help fight. Princess Serena gave Darien her Star Locket, so he would alwys remember her. Then Beryl emerged. She was about to kill Serena when Prince Darien appeared. Beryl tried to kill Darien, and instead of running away, Serena jumped to her beloved, risking her life to be with him. The two died in a rage from Beryl.

The Present

Today, Serena is a Klutzy, crybaby, boy-crazy, 14 year old girl. She is always picked on by the annoying college student, Darien. They know nothing of their past. Then Luna approaches Serena, and Sailor Moon is reborn. Sailor Moon battles Beryl's Nega-geeks (Yomas), with the help of the mysterious Tuxedo Mask. The other scouts follow soon, and Rae and Darien begin to date. One time, Ziosite, an evil gereral from the Negaverse, and Queen Beryl find that Darien is Tuxedo Mask. Zoisite sets up a trap for Darien, and Serena accidently gets caught up in it. Suddenly, the Siver Imperium Crystal appears, and Serena and Darien remember their past. Then Beryl captures Darien and Erases his Memory. Darien thinks that he is "Prince Darien-Champion of the Negaverse" and battls Sailor Moon, but his good side gets to him, and Sailor Moon tricks him tobeing healed. Beryl imeadiatly captures Darien again, and Brainwashes him (Again). Darien tries to kill Sailor Moon when she goes after Beryl, but remembers his passed, and is healed by the Moon Locket, Serena and Darien's symbol of their love. Once Queen Beryl is defeated, ALL of the scouts AND Darien lose the memories of their secret Identities. And Serena and Darien are foes again.

Now the Doom Tree Series arrives, and Sailor Moon is brought back to fight against the evil. But alas! Darien does not recover his memories. A new fighter, Moonlight Knight appears, and to Serena's Dismay-It's NOT Darien! Ann, one of the Aliens that Sailor Moon fights, has a crush on Darien. During the whole series, Serena and Ann fight to the finish to win over Darien. When Darien recovers his memories in the middle of Sailor Moon's last battle against Ann and Alan, Moonlight Knight explains that he is Darien's memory, here only to protect the Princess. And when the memories were resurfaced, Moonlight Knight was no longer needed, and he enters Darien's body.

Once Alan and Ann left earth with their own love saga, Darien and Serena begin to date. Then one day a girl named Rini pops out of the sky, and Serena and Darien's love life changes Dramaticly. The little girl doesn't like Serena, but has a crush on Darien. Darien starts having weird dreams, telling him to stay away from Serena if he wants her to live. Darien breaks up with Serena, (as well as her heart), and Serena can barly live on. The days fighting the Dark Moon Kingdom is torment for Serena, and Tuxedo Mask still comes to Sailor Moon's rescue. Otherwise, Darien goes through every possible idea to keep a distance from Serena. He even pretends to have a new girlfriend! Then one night, Serena has the same dream as Darien, and rushes over to his place to talk. After the discusion, Darien pushes Serena out of his appartment, and she bangs on the door screaming that even if she were to die, and the world was to end, she would still want to be with him. Darien and Serena finally get back together that episode, but the future holds surprises for them. They find out that Rini is their Daughter from the future, and that Serena and Darien are the King and Queen of Future Tokyo. Along with that, they find that the dreams were sent by Darien's future self to test the love between him and Serena, and to make sure their bond was real.

Later in the series (not in English) Darien moves to America to study for a year. While he is gone, a rock star (and secret Identity of one of the Sailor Starlights) Sieyou falls in love with Serena, but Serena still loves Darien (HOORAY!). Darien returns to America, and the Starlights leave, letting Serena and Darien continue where they left off!

The Future

As listed above, Serena and Darien become the future rulers of Crystal Tokyo (Future Tokyo) and have a daughter named Rini. But before they know what is happening, The Dark Moon family attacks Crystal Tokyo, the Silver Imperium Crystal dissapears, and Neo-Queen Serenity is encased in a large crystal, unconcious. Rini is sent to the past, and we all know what happens. When the Dark Family is destroyed, Crystal Tokyo and the royal family are peaceful once again. Later on, Neo-Queen Serenity sends Rini back to the past with a note telling Serena to teach Rini how to fight as a Sailor Scout. Hence, Sailor Chibi-Moon (Sailor Mini/Little/Small Moon) is born. And along with Rini comes her Guardian Cat, Diani, Luna and Artemus's Future Daughter.

Thanks for the info moonangel0083

" I still remember the ways that you touched me "

- Give me the strength to Carry On, Only together we face the fight......

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