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Sailor Moon Forever
Info Behind Serena, Rini, Chibi Chibi
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Serena and Darien's Love
Info Behind Serena, Rini, Chibi Chibi
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I guess I am on my own with this one. Serena and Rini first off...their relationship is like oil and water they don't really mix well together, only when the time danger that sort of thing. Rini is daughter of Serena in the future which still is technically her daughter. If anyone has watch the full Sailormoon R Series you know what I mean. Rini and Serena are like Raye and Serena. Serena loves her very very much though. Sorry if didn't explain it well enough. Serena and Chibi Chibi from at first I was like another daughter of Serena ( Chibi Chibi appears in the Sailor Stars Series) but I was totally wrong. Chibi Chibi is Sailormooon, Usagi, Serena. The raw energy of her...I also heard that she was the kindness of Sailor Galaxia. I am not to sure on that, I did alot of research before I made this alot of this is factual. In the battle between Galaxia... Eternal sailor moon dies...then Chibi Chibi comes to her and gives her, her pure energy they merge Eternal sailor Moon then becomes Sailor Cosmos. Which is the full form of Sailormoon.....

Email me if I need to fix my story....

Serena & Rini

"I will always be with you forever"

- Give me the strength to Carry On, Only together we face the fight......

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