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Sailor Moon

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Eternal Power.....

For love and justice, I am the pretty, sailor-suited fighter Sailor Moon! On behalf of the moon, I'll punish you!



Sailor Name: Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon
Human Name:
Japanese: Tsukina Usagi (literally: Rabbit on the Moon). As a sign of affection, Mamoru calls her Usako. All her friends call her Usagi-chan. Rei and her brother Shingo call her baka Usagi a lot, which is literally "stupid Usagi" ^_^ (although in Japan baka is sometimes considered a sign of affection)
English Dub: Serena, nickname Bunny in the comic
Other Names: Princess Serenity (Serena), Neo-Queen Serenity, the Messiah (in SMS)
Height: 4'11", 150 cm
Day of week associated with Kanji: Monday
Age (at beginning of show): 14
Age (at end of show): 16
Birthday: June 30
Astrological sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Gemstone: diamond
Favorite Color: white and pink
Favorite Food: ice cream, peanut butter and jelly
Least Favorite Food: carrots [this is a pun, remember how her name means Rabbit?]
Favorite Subject: Home Economics, Music
Worst Subject: Math, English
Favorite Pastimes: playing video games, shopping, and eating
Favorite Animal: bunny rabbit [another pun ^.^]
Has Trouble With: dentists, ghosts
Strong Points: whining, crying
Sailor She's Usually Paired With: Sailor Chibi Moon or Tuxedo Kamen (he's sortof a Sailor :))
Club She's In: Drawing Club (although the girls thought she drew a pig when she drew Luna)
Dream: to be a bride; but don't worry too much about the future, just wait for it to come ^.^
Mythology: The name Serena (from the dub) is a spin-off from Princess Serenity (in the Japanese version). Serenity comes from the Greek myth about Selene, the goddess of the moon. Selene fell in love with the handsome young shepherd Endymion (think of Prince Endymion?), who she lulled into an eternal sleep so that he could never leave her. Selene is often identified with the Olympian goddess of the moon, Artemis. Also, the name Serenity may have also come from the dark spot on the moon called the "Sea of Serenity."

Sailor Moon is a typical main character for a Japanese animation. She is a clutzy and whiney character most of the time, but during an emergency she can pull herself together. She also has an amazing amount of potential power; however, for most of the show she only shows enough power to destroy the MOTDs (Monster-of-the-Day). When her friends are threatened she can usually tap this potential power and destroy whatever enemy is threatening her.

Usagi is very loyal, and is always friendly and outgoing. Usagi also cares very much for her friends, even if she fights with a few of them constantly (like Sailor Mars). Her best friend since childhood has been Naru (Molly), but basically any of the Inner Sailors are her best friends. She doesn't share the same kind of relationship with the Outer Sailors; she simply respects all of them very much (however, she does have a more affectionate relationship with Sailor Saturn). Her strongest relationships tend to be with the people who push her: both Luna and Rei are always yelling at her when she makes mistakes but Usagi shares a deep friendship with both of them.

Usagi's Relationship with Mamoru: Okay guys, I don't want to get too much into this, but Usagi has a strong love for Mamoru, and believe it or not, he returns her love. People on the 'Net think he's really cold and never confesses his feelings for her, while Usagi is extremely loyal and openly confesses her love. But keep in mind what perspective you're looking at it. Mamoru embodies what Japanese males think a guy should be like... basically his whole attitude is a reflection of Japanese culture. He's smart, charming, and handsome, but doesn't show his feelings that often. That's how a male protagonist is seen in Japanese Animation. So keep in mind what perspective you're looking at it with...

Sailor Moon Phrases:
  • Moon Prism Power, make up! (Moon Prism Power)
    Usagi says this to transform into Sailor Moon. This was her first transformation and was the only one to not reveal the Moon insignia on her forehead (the one that permanently appears when she's a princess).

  • Moon power .... ni nare (Disguise Power, change me into _______)
    Usagi says this to disguise herself with her "Luna Pen". She used this power several times in the first season, a couple times in the second season, and then she pretty much stopped using it. However, Sailor Venus once used it to disguise herself as Sailor Moon (to fool the enemy).

  • Moon Tiara Action (Moon Tiara Magic)
    Sailor Moon says this when she turns her tiara into a Frisbee, and hurls it at an opponent. This power Sailor Moon can use no matter what transformation she's in. Again, this is a power that was used mostly in the first season, a couple times in the second season, and then slowly died out. She did use it as Super Sailor Moon in the SuperS movie.

  • Moon Tiara Stardust
    This was only used once in episode 5 (that wasn't dubbed into English). It involved her throwing her tiara like before, except it sprinkled stardust on a bunch of zombies and returned them to people.

  • Sailor Moon Kick!
    In the original series, she shouted this when kicking someone. In the dub, they just left that out (they had her say something else).

  • Moon Healing Escalation (Moon Healing Activation, Cosmic Moon Power, Moon Crystal Healing Power)
    Sailor Moon says this when uses her crescent wand to heal someone. She used this whenever Zoisite turned a human into a monster. She also used it to save Tuxedo Mask's memory, and it worked, until Queen Beryl re-captured him. For some reason the dub gave lots and lots of different names for this one attack... She also used this to destroy Malachite, although that didn't exactly heal him... She also used this attack in the second season to heal the Four Sisters.
Sailor Moon R phrases
  • Moon Crystal Power, make up! (Moon Crystal/Star Power!)
    This was Usagi's second transformation to Sailor Moon that her mother (Queen Serenity) granted her. The dub varied between "Crystal" and "Star" power, which was stupid (it's Crystal!)... This transformation was supposedly 10 times more powerful then "Moon Prism Power."

  • Moon Princess Halation (Moon Scepter Elimination)
    This was the power, granted by Queen Serenity, that came with her Moon Sceptor. It involved Sailor Moon waving the sceptor around and creating several stars and a small crescent moon. This power was usually used to destroy MOTDs (Monsters-of-the-Day).

  • Sailor Body Attack!
    Again, an attack she shouted in the original series but in the dub they just had her say something else. For instance, she shouted "Sailor Body Attack" when attacking Cooan (Catsy), but in the dub she says "Showtime's over, pancake face!" (...)
Sailor Moon S phrases:
  • Moon Cosmic Power, make up!
    This was the third transformation Usagi used to transform to Sailor Moon. After "Moon Cosmic Power" stopped working, Usagi and Mamoru's power of love created her new brooch and let her transform again.

  • Moon Spiral Heart Attack
    Sailor Moon says this when her heart rod generates a spiral to destroy an opponent. This attack was pretty neat since it involved Sailor Moon doing this nifty spin. She used it to destroy daimons in the first half of the third season, but eventually this attack wasn't powerful enough to defeat later MOTDs (like when Eudial's Fire Buster deflected the attack).

  • Double Sailor Moon Kick
    Again, this is basically the same as Sailor Moon Kick, except she does it with Sailor Chibi Moon.

  • Crisis, make up!
    This is her double transformation; Sailor Moon says this to transform into Super Sailor Moon with the holy grail. However, becoming Super Sailor Moon really exhausted Usagi at first.

  • Rainbow Moon Heart Ache
    This is the updated attack that Super Sailor Moon used. This attack involves Sailor Moon creating a huge heart that smashes into the monster and destroys them. This still involves the nifty spin Sailor Moon does. It's very similar to "Moon Spiral Heart Attack" in some ways, but is much more powerful.
Sailor Moon SuperS phrases:
  • Moon Crisis, make up!
    Usagi says this to transform into Super Sailor Moon (with Super Sailor Chibi Moon). Usagi couldn't transform into Super Sailor Moon anymore since the Holy Grail was destroyed, but Pegasus gave her the power to do it.

  • Moon Gorgeous Meditation
    Super Sailor Moon says this to generate a blast from her kaleid moon scope. This attack many fans believe is the coolest, since it lets you see several views of Sailor Moon performing the attack at the same time. In the Sailor Moon SuperS movie, Super Sailor Moon performed this attack with Super Sailor Chibi Moon.
Sailor Moon Sailor Stars phrases:
  • Moon Eternal, make up!
    Usagi says this to transform into Eternal Sailor Moon. In the beginning of the season, this power couldn't be achieved until Usagi had transformed to Super Sailor Moon, and then all the Sailors had to combine their power. Eventually Usagi creates her own brooch and transforms by herself.

  • Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
    Eternal Sailor Moon says this to return a monster to a human being with beams from her Eternal Moon Tial. This is claimed the most boring attack, since she doesn't do much while performing it.

  • Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss
    This is the power that Chibi Chibi Moon granted her by updgrading her Eternal Moon Tial. Eternal Sailor Moon still uses this to return a monster to a human, but this attack is a lot more powerful. It's also pretty nifty looking (unlike "Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss").
Sailor Moon Manga phrases (that never appeared in the series):
  • Moon Frisbee
    This is the comic book equivalent of Moon Tiara Action

  • Moon Twilight Flash
    This is when moonlight shines down on Sailor Moon, and then it reflects to the enemy and destroys it. Sailor Moon used it to destroy Nephrite's shadow monster.

  • Silver Moon Crystal Power, make up!
    This is the equivalent of "Moon Eternal, make up!" in the comic - it's how she transforms into Eternal Sailor Moon.


Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss