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 For love and exams, I am the pretty, sailor-suited fighter, Sailor Mercury! Splash some cold water on yourself and repent!



Sailor Name: Sailor Mercury, Super Sailor Mercury
Human Name:
Japanese Name: Mizuno Ami
English Dub: Amy Anderson
Height: 5'2" (approximate)
Day of week associated with Kanji: Wednesday
Element: water
Age (at beginning of show): 14
Age (at end of show): 16
Birthday: September 10th
Astrological sign: Virgo
Blood Type: A
Gemstone: sapphire
Favorite Color: aquamarine, blue
Favorite Food: sandwiches [so she can study while she eats @_@]
Least Favorite Food: yellow-tail tuna [hamachi]
Favorite Subject: Math
Worst Subject: none
Favorite Pastimes: reading, playing chess, studying, swimming
Favorite Animal: cats
Has Trouble With: love letters, practical jokes
Strong Points: calculating
Sailor She's Usually Paired With: Sailor Mars
Club She's In: Computer Club
Dream: to be a doctor like her mother
IQ: Usagi said she had an IQ of 300 in the manga :)
Mythology:* In the Greek mythology Mercury was the god Hermes. Hermes was the messenger of the gods.

Most of the time Ami is studying. She wants very much to become a doctor, so she studies constantly to achieve her goal. However, she has given up parts of her dreams so she can be with her friends (for example, not going to that university in Germany because she'd miss her friends).

One thing about Ami is she lacks in self-esteem. Unlike the other girls, she can't take an insult without feeling bad about it. She's always worrying if people hate her because she's so smart (when in fact, they're mostly jealous). The reason she becomes such good friends with Usagi is that Usagi never really cared if she was smart or not; as Ami put it, Usagi is the one who taught her how to "have fun."

Ami enjoys to swim, and is very good at it. In fact, in one episode she raced Michiru, and tied with her. Michiru said that she must have come from the ocean in a former life. Ami really respects Michiru, and they have many things in common.

Ami also had a boyfriend named Urawa (Greg), who showed up in 2 episodes but had to move away. Urawa liked Ami a lot, but thought he didn't deserve her. Usagi got them together anyway, but then his father was promoted and he had to move away. At first, Ami thought they were just good friends, but Lita said that she was denying her real feelings for him because she didn't want to get hurt. When Ami saw him again, he was visiting Tokyo, and she explained her real feelings for him. Apparently they were a couple, but he didn't appear in the show again. In the SuperS special, "Ami's First Love," she fell in love with a boy who tied her in all the practice exams (by getting a perfect score). However, he took the tests under a nick name, so she never found out who he was.

As Sailor Mercury, she can use her super computer and her visor to spot the weaknesses of an enemy. She is basically the "brains" of the Sailors, and usually can come up with a solution to something unsolvable.

Although most of her attacks have to do with defense (and she said herself she was the weakest of the team), her brain power and determination make her an important member of the Sailors. She'll keep the girls on track if they have something to accomplish.


Mercury Crystal Power

Always to herself

 Sailor Moon phrases
  • Mercury Power, make up! (Mercury Power)
    Ami says this to transform into Sailor Mercury. She was the second to discover her power and receive a transformation pen after Sailor Moon.

  • Shabon Spray (Mercury Bubbles Blast) [Note: Shabon is a type of soap bubble]
    Sailor Mercury says this to generate a large amount of bubbles and sprays them around herself. This usually blinds the enemy so another Sailor can take them out with an attack. This was the only defensive attack of the Sailors; however, it could make an enemy cold.
Sailor Moon R phrases
  • Mercury Star Power, make up! (Mercury Star Power)
    Ami says this to transform into Sailor Mercury. This transformation is supposedly 10 times more powerful than the first transformation. There isn't much of a change in the transformation sequence, but when she's done transforming and poses her planetary symbol can be seen in the background.

  • Shabon Spray Freezing (Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze)
    This was Sailor Mercury's powered up "Shabon Spray" attack in the first part of Sailor Moon R. She got so angry at a monster for stealing a baby's energy that she discovered the attack and used it. The ice bubbbles would freeze the enemy so that Sailor Moon could finish it off. For some reason, she only used it twice, and the second time it didn't work.

  • Shine Aqua Illusion (Mercury Ice Storm Blast)
    This was Sailor Mercury's main attack for Sailor Moon R and S. She would generate a bunch of ice crystals and condense them together, and then throw them at the enemy. This attack was more powerful then Shabon Spray Freezing, so she used it instead.
Sailor Moon SuperS phrases:
  • Mercury Crystal Power, make up!
    Ami says this to transform into Super Sailor Mercury. In the anime, Pegasus granted her this power-up, but in the manga she looked deep inside of herself for more power.

  • Mercury Aqua Rhapsody
    Super Sailor Mercury says this to generate an ice harp that blasts the enemy with ice. The harp places some nice music too ^_^

  • Mercury Aqua Magic
    This is Mercury's special attack, which she only used once in the Ami special, "Ami's First Love". It involves her creating a ball of ice which breaks into several fragments of ice and reforms around an enemy, and then explodes. Sailor Mercury destroyed the monster of "Ami's First Love" by herself, but collapsed afterward.