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Inner Senshi
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Sailor Mars


 For love and fire, I am the pretty, sailor-suited fighter, Sailor Mars! In the name of Mars, I will chastise you!


Sailor Name: Sailor Mars, Super Sailor Mars
Human Name:
Japanese Anime: Hino Rei
English Dub: Raye Hino
Height: 5'3" (approximate)
Element: fire
Day of Week Associated With Kanji: Tuesday
Element: fire
Age (at beginning of show): 14
Age (at end of show): 16
Birthday: April 17th
Astrological sign: Aries
Blood Type: AB
Gemstone: ruby
Favorite Color: red, black
Favorite Food: fish, vegetarien pizza
Least Favorite Food: canned asparagus
Favorite Subject: classical literature
Worst Subject: modern society
Favorite Pastimes: reading manga (comic books), meditating
Favorite Animal: crow, panda
Has Trouble With: television, temper
Strong Points: meditation; she's a very hard worker
Sailor She's Usually Paired With: Sailor Mercury
Club She's In: She goes to the T*A Private Girls School and so doesn't participate in clubs with the other girls (since they go to Juuban [Crossroads] in the series), but at her school she is considered a queen, and many girls want to be like her. Rei also hosts lots of festivals even if she promotes herself at them.
Dream: to be a head priestess at her shrine; to be a singer/song writer, a model, a wonderful seiyuu (voice actress!!), and the wife of someone she loves.

Rei's father is a politician, and her mother died when she was very young. She feels her father doesn't care much about his family, so she went to live at her grandfather's shrine. Rei also goes to a private school, which means she doesn't have to take the tough exams to be accepted into a High School (unlike the rest of the Sailors). However, she studies with the girls anyway, and later claimed she "felt their pain." She also hosted the study sessions at her shrine, and would help Ami with cracking down on Usagi.

Even though Rei makes fun of Usagi because she can't cook... Rei can't cook either. She prefers simple over complex, so will usually make microwave dinners.

Sometimes Rei has a bad temper and will yell at Usagi a lot (strangely enough, she rarely yells at the other girls). Rei also takes out her temper on Yuuchiro (Chad), the wandering musician who stays at her shrine to train. They both share a mutual liking of each other, although Yuuichiro actually shows that he likes her, while Rei tends to pick on him more then anything. Yuuichiro can be very jealous of Rei, and once saw Rei talking to Haruka and thought they were going out. Rei was angry at him for not "trusting her," but didn't tell him that, and he almost left the shrine (although she stopped him eventually).

Basically anyone she's really close to she treats like dirt ^_^ Of course, anyone close to her already knows this and knows that she doesn't hate them...

At the beginning of the series, Rei thought Usagi was an obnoxious crybaby, but by the end of the first season it was shown that they had a deep friendship. During a crisis, she acts the most protective of Usagi, and Usagi can do that too. This can be seen at the end of the series (read the Stars summary for more info); when all the Inner Sailors were dying, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus had a short death scene with the Sailor Starlights, while Mars had a long (and sad!!) death scene saying goodbye to Sailor Moon.

Rei also has a special friendship with Chibi-usa, maybe because Usagi and Chibi-usa are so similar? Rei acts more protective of Chibi-usa, but that's probably because she's a little kid.

Rei went out with Mamoru during the first season, but neither of them considered it anything special. However, the fact that they shared a past led to a very funny episode when, after the girls accidently trashed Mamoru's apartment, he had to stay at the shrine for a while. When Yuuichiro found out they'd had a past, he got really jealous and roasted Mamoru by over-heating the bath (The bath house at the shrine had a fire place underneath it, and to heat up the place you light the fire. Yuuichirou simply put lots and lots of wood in the fire :))

As Sailor Mars, her fire attacks are considered the strongest of the Inner Sailors (besides Sailor Moon). During the battle with Queen Beryl, Sailor Mars destroyed 2 monsters who were about to kill Sailor Moon (again, she was being protective...), and she also killed herself. However, when fighting less powerful monsters, Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon can often get into fights with each other instead of with the monster.

Spirit Within
Her Burns...

 Sailor Moon phrases:
  • Mars Power, make up! (Mars Power)

    Rei says this to transform into Sailor Mars. This was given to her by Luna when Sailor Moon was in trouble... and of course Mars saved her.

  • Fire Soul (Mars Fire Ignite)

    Sailor Mars says this to generate a large amount of fire, that she blasts at an enemy. Mars used this throughout the series, even when she learned more powerful attacks. She's occasionally hit some of the Sailors with this attack too :)

  • Aku Ryo Tai San! * (I call upon the power of Mars, Fireballs Charge)

    Sailor Mars says this when she throws an anti-evil scroll at an opponent. The scroll paralyzes the opponent, making them more susceptible to attacks. However, this isn't an attack she received as Sailor Mars; it's something she learned as a priestess of her shrine. The dub messed up on the whole Mars Fireball Charge.. since it doesn't have anything to do with Mars or fireballs...

Sailor Moon R phrases:
  • Mars Star Power, make up! (Mars Star Power)

    Rei says this to transform into Sailor Mars. It was given to her by the cats and is supposedly 10 times more powerful then the previous transformation. There's nothing really different... except when she finishes transforming and poses, her planetary symbol glows in the background.

  • Mars Firebird Strike

    Sailor Mars says this to combine her anti-evil scroll and her fire. This produces a bird, that can be directed at an opponent.

  • Mars Firestorm Flash Sailor Mars says this to create a continuos stream of fire.

  • Mars Celestial Fire Surround

    Sailor Mars says this to generate rings of fire by calling on some ancient Japanese characters. Sailor Mars will then direct these at an opponent.

Sailor Moon SuperS phrases:
  • Mars Crystal Power (make up!)

    Rei says this to transform into Super Sailor Mars.

  • Mars Flame Sniper

    Super Sailor Mars says this to generate a flame arrow. She can shoot it at an opponent. Mars also has good aim; she once killed a monster with her arrow even after the monster shielded itself with Sailor Neptune.


Mars Crystal Power