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"Oh, he looks like my old boyfriend."


 Sailor Name: Sailor Jupiter, Super Sailor Jupiter
Human Name:
Japanese Name: Kino Makoto, nickname Mako-chan
Dub Name: Lita
Height: 5'6" (approximate)
Day of week associated with Kanji: Thursday
Element: wood
Age (at beginning of show): 14
Age (at end of show): 16
Birthday: December 5th
Astrological sign: Sagittarius
Blood Type: O
Gemstone: emerald
Favorite Color: pink, green
Favorite Food: cherry pie, meatloaf
Least Favorite Food: none, she likes everything!
Favorite Subject: Home Economics, History
Least Favorite Subject: Physics
Favorite Pastimes: bargain-hunting, cooking, reading romance novels (...)
Favorite Animal: horse
Has Trouble With: airplanes (because her parents were killed in an airplane accident)
Strong Points: cooking, fighting
Sailor She's Usually Paired With: Sailor Venus
Club She's In: Cooking Club, although she was encouraged to join the Track Club
Dream: to be a bride and marry earlier; to open a restaurant, or a flower and cake store; to be pretty like Michiru and strong like Haruka.
Mythology*: In the Greek mythology Jupiter was a very important god. Jupiter was the god Zeus. Zeus was the ruler of the gods. And his power was based on lightning and thunder. That's why Sailor Jupiter's power is based on thunder.

Before Mako met the other Sailors, she was generally feared by her classmates and people considered her a bully. However, being alone all the time made her lonely, so she was very surprised when Usagi wanted to become friends with her. After Mako met the girls she tended to be nice most of the time, but if someone threatens her friends she turns violent. Mako is also a little more independent then the girls; when she's having a problem she tends to go off by herself to figure it out, instead of getting help from her friends.

Mako also really respects Haruka, although a few of the girls misinterpreted her "respect" (hey, Mina had been chasing Haruka around only an episode before, not knowing she was a girl).

Mako is really good at pretty much all sports, although she doesn't display her abilities that often. She also has a black belt, I guess, because during an episode when she wanted to re-train herself she was wearing a black belt and a karate uniform. However, they never went into how she could maintain a black belt (with her busy schedule and all ^.~) and when she got it.

As Sailor Jupiter, she can take out an opponent using only her strength, even though she usually uses her attacks. Also, her strategies are sometimes "Act first, think later," in contrast to Sailor Mercury. In the episode where she wanted to re-train herself (mentioned above), she defeated the Monster-Of-The-Day by herself, or without Sailor Moon's main attack.


Lita is known for being a great chef. Everyone loves her meals and goodies...especially Serena haha. Lita learned cooking when she was little and I guess never stopped since then hehe....

 Sailor Moon Phrases
  • Jupiter Power, make up! (Jupiter Power)

    Mako says this to transform into Sailor Jupiter. She was the fourth to receive her transformation pen after Sailor Moon. Luna maybe shouldn't have bothered making her transform; Mako was doing a good job of beating up the Monster-of-the-Day in her human form.

  • Supreme Thunder (Jupiter Thunder[bolts] Crash, Supreme Thunder Crash)

    Sailor Jupiter says this to capture lightning bolts from an antenna on her tiara. She then blasts the enemy at her opponent. Jupiter tends to use this throughout the series, even when she's learned stronger attacks. In the dub, the first time she used her attack they called it "Supreme Thunder, Crash!" but after that they varied between Jupiter Thunder Crash, or Jupiter Thunderbolts Crash. Don't ask me why ^.^

Sailor Moon R phrases:
  • Jupiter Star Power, make up! (Jupiter Star Power)

    Mako says this to transform into Sailor Jupiter in the second and third season. This transformation is supposedly 10 times more powerful then her former one, and was given to her by Luna and Artemis. There's not much difference in the sequence, except when Mako finishes transforming and poses, her planetary symbol glows in the background.

  • Supreme Thunder Dragon (Jupiter Thunder Dragon)

    This was Jupiter's powered up attack in the first part of SMR. She says this to create a huge lightning dragon; then the dragon swallows the enemy and electrocutes them. Although everybody seems to think this attack is really cool, she only used it twice.

  • Sparkling Wide Pressure (Jupiter Thunderclap Zap)

    Sailor Jupiter says this to form a single thunderclap with her lightning; then she throws it at the enemy. Usually the bad guy gets electrocuted or blasted back. Jupiter used this for the 2nd, 3rd, and most of the 4th season (because it's her strongest attack), but usually they'd cut the entire attack; in the whole attack, she yells out and brings her hands together (like she's praying ^.~), and then she throws the attack. Normally they just show her throwing the attack.

Sailor Moon SuperS phrases:
  • Jupiter Crystal Power, make up!

    Mako says this to transform into Super Sailor Jupiter. In the series Pegasus gives her this power, and in the manga she looks deep insider of herself and finds more power.

  • Jupiter Oak Revolution

    Super Sailor Jupiter says this to generate some leaves, and then she does this really nifty spin and blasts the leaves at an enemy. She uses this attack for the latter half of the 4th, and the 5th season.



Lita's actually hitting the books...interesting...