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Wherever trouble is, so am I, to clean the mess. Here I am, Sailor Uranus!

Sailor Name: Sailor Uranus, Super Sailor Uranus
Human Name:
Japanese Name: Ten'ou Haruka [Haruka can be a boy or girl name]
English Dub: She's never been given a name since the dub hasn't gotten to episodes with her... a fan favorite seems to be "Alex" while the doll boxes say her name is "Corinn"
Height: 5'9" (approximate)
Age (when coming into the show): 15
Age (at end of show): 17
Birthday: January 27
Astrological sign: Aquarius
Blood Type: B
Gemstone: amber
Favorite Color: gold
Favorite Food: salad
Least Favorite Food: natto (a soybean dish)
Favorite Subject: Physical Education
Worst Subject: modern Japanese
Favorite Pastimes: driving, running
Has Trouble With: confessing
Strong Points: strategy, brute strength
Sailor She's Usually Paired With: Sailor Neptune
Dream: to become a world-champion racer, "to become the wind"
Mythology*: Uranus was actually the sky that was created by Gaea the Earth. Earth (Uranus) and Sky (Gaea) where the grandparents of the world and they had produced the first race of gods.

Haruka is really respected by all the Inner Senshi. She is multi-talented, although she is really good at racing, and is also smart and strong. Her opinion of the girls used to be that they were very cute, but when she learned they were Sailor Senshi as well she tended to be a little more critical. For instance, Haruka was very nice to Usagi the first time they met, but she was very critical of Sailor Moon. She considered Sailor Moon to be immature and weak. In the S series she treated the Inner Senshi pretty bad, in SuperS she disappeared along with the rest of the Outer Senshi, and in Stars she acted very protective of Sailor Moon. Apparently she inherited the desire-to-protect-Sailor-Moon that all the Inner Senshi had (although I think she tries to protect Sailor Moon a lot more).

Haruka's Relationship with Michiru: Guys, I don't want to get too much into this, but she and Michiru (Sailor Neptune) are obviously more than good friends. If you want to read more about this, the Sailor Moon FAQ goes into detail about their relationship. Haruka and Michiru are almost always shown together, either with Setsuna or not. They even play duets together often, with Michiru playing the violin and Haruka playing the piano (one of Haruka's talents the series didn't go into very much). The same can be seen when they're Sailors. In battle during S, they tried to ignore each other's safety because they felt someone would have to be sacrificed, but their true feelings can be seen when Neptune pretty-much killed herself in an attempt to save Uranus from getting her heart crystal taken out, which would cause her to die.

Haruka is sometimes called a tomboy, although she is more of an extreme tomboy. Along with her short haircut, something pretty uncommon in Japanese Animation for girls (most of the time hair is extremely long), she wears a boys uniform for school and enjoys to race (which is usually considered a masculine activity -.-). Haruka is also a very good runner, which, coupled with her racing, can describe why she wants to "become the wind."

As a Sailor Senshi, Sailor Uranus was willing to sacrifice someone to save the world in Sailor Moon S, but, with Sailor Moon's help, nobody got sacrificed (these events are described in the Sailor Moon S summary). Perhaps this is why Uranus' opinion of Sailor Moon improved. Uranus does take being a Sailor Senshi a lot more serious than the Inner Senshi, and will commonly pop out of nowhere (with Neptune) and save the girls with her powerful attacks. Being an Outer Senshi, who would protect the Moon Kingdom during the Silver Millenium from outside invaders, she was granted more powerful attacks than the Inner Senshi. This is also why she thought the Inner Senshi were weak, but her opinion of them changed as well.

Haruka goes through some growth in the series, despite already being very mature. I think she learns that the Inner Senshi have strengths of their own, especially Sailor Moon.


 Sailor Moon S phrases:
  • Uranus Planet Power, make up!

    Haruka says this to transform into Sailor Uranus. Before Haruka was granted this power, she used to have dreams that the world would be destroyed and that she would have to do something to stop it. But she didn't want to do this because she wanted to concentrate on being a world-champion racer. About this time Haruka ran into Michiru, and they instantly knew each other (perhaps from their past life in the Silver Millenium??) Anyway, Haruka denied Michiru's attempt to join her mission and save the world, but when Haruka was attacked by a monster, she produced her own transformation pen. Michiru (as Sailor Neptune) told her not to use the pen if she wanted to keep her ordinary life, but Haruka used it anyway because Neptune was in trouble with the monster. That's how Haruka got the pen and became Sailor Uranus.

  • World Shaking

    Sailor Uranus says this to create a yellow planet-shaped ball of energy; then she does this nifty spin and hurls the planet forward and against the ground, giving it the effect of a real earthquake. Sailor Uranus hurls the energy against the ground, giving it the effect of a real earth quake. She tends to use this attack a lot, probably because it is one of her most powerful attacks. For instance, she used this attack to destroy MOTDs and knock Kaolinite off a sky-scraper (almost killing her). This attack is a little weird, however, because Uranus is associated with the sky, and this attack is associated with the ground.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars phrases:

  • Space Sword Blaster

    Super Sailor Uranus says this to create a blast with her talisman, the Space Sword, which has the effect of slicing something in half. However, I think she only used this attack 3 times, and each time it had a different-looking attack sequence. Sailor Uranus can also withdraw the sword and use it as a real sword, like when she destroyed monsters in Sailor Moon S and attempted to break the barrier that was surrounding Galaxia in Sailor Moon Stars.