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 Wherever trouble is, so am I, to deliver victory to the people. Here I am, Sailor Neptune!


 Sailor Name: Sailor Neptune, Super Sailor Neptune
Human Name:
Japanese Name: Kaiou Michiru
English Dub: She's never been given a name since the dub hasn't gotten to episodes with her... a fan favorite seems to be "Michelle" while the doll boxes say her name is "Nerissa"
Height: 5'5" (approximate)
Age (when coming into the show): 15
Age (at end of show): 17
Birthday: March 6
Astrological sign: Pisces
Blood Type: O
Gemstone: aquamarine
Favorite Color: marine blue
Favorite Food: sashimi
Least Favorite Food: kikurage (a mushroom)
Favorite Subject: Music
Worst Subject: none
Favorite Pastimes: playing the violin, swimming, painting, collecting cosmetics
Has Trouble With: sea cucumbers
Strong Points: violins
Sailor She's Usually Paired With: Sailor Uranus
Dream: to be a violinist
Mythology*: Sailor Neptune is the Greek god Poseidon. Poseidon was the god of the oceans. Poseidon was also the fifth brother of Zeus.

The creator of Sailor Moon, Naoko Takeuchi, once said that she is most like Usagi (Sailor Moon), and that Michiru (Sailor Neptune) is the most opposite of her. Michiru is multi-talented, and has talents in playing the violin, swimming, and painting. She is also very smart, and in some ways shares some characteristics with Ami. However, Ami is known for not having self-confidence, while Michiru is very sure of herself. Although she has a softer heart that Haruka, she was willing to sacrifice someone to save the world, and thought that the Inner Senshi were getting in her way when they tried to fight the Death Busters.

Haruka's Relationship with Michiru: Guys, I don't want to get too much into this, it's pretty obvious that Michiru and Haruka (Sailor Uranus) are more than good friends. If you want to read more about this, the Sailor Moon FAQ goes into detail about their relationship. Haruka and Michiru are almost always shown together, either with Setsuna or not. They even play duets together often, with Michiru playing the violin and Haruka playing the piano. The same can be seen when they're Sailors. In battle during S, they tried to ignore each other's safety because they felt someone would have to be sacrificed, but their true feelings can be seen when Neptune pretty-much killed herself in an attempt to save Uranus from getting her heart crystal taken out, which would cause her to die.

As a Sailor, Sailor Neptune thought that the Inner Senshi weren't powerful enough to go up against the Death Busters, but she gained a better opinion of Sailor Moon at the end of the S Series (described in the Sailor Moon S summary). She contrasts with Sailor Uranus, being both elegant and graceful, and is probably a little better at strategy than Sailor Uranus. In the first part of Stars, when the Sailors were separated into small groups and Sailor Uranus and Mercury teamed up, Uranus realized that only Neptune could keep up with her (Uranus was running and Mercury was lagging behind). Neptune and Uranus will often act as a team, while Neptune is a little more concerned for Uranus' safety than vice versa (as described above). She tends to be a little more open with her feelings toward Haruka as well.

 Sailor Moon S phrases:
  • Neptune Planet Power, make up!

    Michiru says this to transform into Sailor Neptune. After having dreams about the end of the world (before she became a Sailor), Michiru decided to do the right thing, give up her dream of becoming a world-class violin player, and concentrated on saving the world (something that Haruka tried to avoid but eventually followed destiny as well). Although we never see it happen, it's assumed that Michiru generated her transformation pen one day.

  • Deep Submerge

    Sailor Neptune says this to form an energy-ball representing her planet, which she generates from a lot of water. Then she throws the ball at the bad guy. Neptune tends to use this attack throughout the series, even when she's learned her "Submarine Reflection" attack. It's associated with Neptune, or the Greek god Poseidon, who was the god of the ocean.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars phrases:

  • Submarine Reflection

    Super Sailor Neptune can use this attack to learn weaknesses of an opponent. She uses some kind of energy from the mirror to reflect on the bad guy, and then the weakest part of the bad guy will glow. Sometimes this is teamed up with Sailor Uranus' "Space Sword Blaster" attack; Neptune learns the weakness and then Uranus attacks the weakness.