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 And here I am, Sailor Pluto, preserving peace for all time. We won't let you accomplish the evil you're plotting!


 Sailor Name: Sailor Pluto, Super Sailor Pluto
Human Name:
Japanese Name: Meiou Setsuna, Chibi-usa calls her "Puu"
English Dub: She's never been given a name since the dub hasn't gotten to episodes with her... a fan favorite seems to be "Susan" while the doll boxes say her name is "Celia"
Height: 5'7"
Age: It was never said what her age was. To make things more confusing, she was a teenager in the comic book (probably close to the age of Haruka and Michiru), but in the anime it seems she was an adult.
Birthday: October 29
Astrological sign: Scorpio
Blood Type: A
Gemstone: garnet (kinda like the Garnet Orb she uses?)
Favorite Color: dark red
Favorite Food: green tea
Least Favorite Food: eggplant
Favorite Subject: Physics
Worst Subject: Music
Favorite Pastimes: shopping
Has Trouble With: cockroaches
Strong Point: sewing
Sailor She's Usually Paired With: Sailor Saturn, or together with Uranus and Neptune
Dream: to be a designer
Mythology*: Pluto was the Greek god of the underworld (I think that they switched Saturn and Pluto in the anime). Pluto was Hades, the fourth brother of Zeus. Hades wasn't a cruel god, just a dangerous god who ruled over the dead.

Sailor Pluto is one of those confusing, mysterious characters that are common in anime. Very little was known about her in the 2nd season, except that she was the guardian of the time lanes. In the third season, we get to see Sailor Pluto out of her Sailor guise as Meiou Setsuna, but even then we don't know much about her. Had she travelled back in time to help out the Sailors or was this Sailor Pluto's form in the 20th century? Unfortunately, the anime never answered these questions.

Setsuna is a very private person. She almost never talks about herself; whenever she is talking to any of the Sailors she is usually discussing how to defeat the enemy. The Inner Sailors respect her in a similar way that they respect Haruka and Michiru, but they don't really know her, and don't have much of a relationship with her. However, Chibi-Usa (Rini) is shown to be a good friend of Setsuna, and Chibi-usa often calls her "Puu." In a similar way to Usagi, Chibi-usa doesn't care that Setsuna is mysterious, and treats Setsuna the way she would treat anyone. So Chibi-Usa and Setsuna have a better relationship.

During the third season, Sailor Pluto appeared with the third talisman, to the surprise of Uranus and Neptune. They realized that they didn't have to sacrifice anybody to extract the talismans. The talisman that Sailor Pluto had is the garnet orb, which attaches to the end of her staff (which, you'll notice, was missing during the 2nd season). Sailor Pluto had to take a sudden exit during the end of the third season, when she used her forbidden attack "Dark Dome Close" to save the lives of Uranus and Neptune.

In the fourth season, Sailor Pluto disappeared totally. She didn't even get a special, like Uranus and Neptune, explaining why she was gone. Then, in the first several seconds of the fifth season, she appears to pick up baby Hotaru, explaining that she needs Hotaru's power (these events are explained in the first Stars summary). Eventually it was shown that Hotaru, Michiru, Haruka, and Setsuna were all sharing the same house (aww... a big happy family ^.^). I think Setsuna appeared in one episode by herself of Sailor Stars to help out the Inners with Chibi Chibi, and it looked like Usagi and Setsuna had a similar relationship that Chibi-usa and Setsuna had. But besides that, she ended the series more as a supporting character than a main character.

 Sailor Moon S phrases:
  • Pluto Planet Power, make up!

    Setsuna said this to transform during the third season. It wasn't explained how she got her transformation pen or how she learned the words. On top of this, they didn't give her any new words for her Super power-up (which she receives from Hotaru during the Stars series). So how does she transform to Super Sailor Pluto? No one knows. During the Stars episodes, they simply skipped over the transformation scenes (this was probably done for the dilemna with Sailor Moon and Chibi Moon: in the 4th season they transformed together, but in the 5th season Sailor Moon upgraded to Eternal Sailor Moon. But there was no transformation scene for Chibi Moon when she's by herself...)

  • Dead Scream

    This was Sailor Pluto's whispered attack. I think it's about as powerful as Sailor Uranus' "World Shaking" and Sailor Neptune's "Deep Submerge." This is the only attack that Sailor Pluto had ("Dark Dome Close" isn't really an attack...). It involves Sailor Pluto forming a purple-colored representation of her planet with her staff, and then she hurls at the bad guy.

  • Dark Dome Close

    This is Sailor Pluto's forbidden power, which allows her to stop the flow of time. She only used it once to save Uranus and Neptune from getting killed. However, she had to leave the battle for breaking a time taboo. They didn't really explain if she had a punishment for doing this... maybe the punishment was she couldn't be in the show during the 4th season ^.^