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Outer Senshi

Sailor Saturn


The Quiet Siren....


 Sailor Name: Sailor Saturn, Super Sailor Saturn
Human Name:
Japanese Name: Tomoe Hotaru
Other Names: Mistress 9
Height: 4'7"
Day of week associated with Kanji: Saturday
Element: Earth
Age (when she came into show): 13
Birthday: January 6th
Astrological sign: Capricorn
Blood Type: AB
Gemstone: fluorite
Favorite Color: purple
Favorite Food: nihon soba (Japanese noodles)
Least Favorite Food: milk
Favorite Subject: World History
Worst Subject: Phys. Ed.
Favorite Pastimes: being with people, since she's so lonely!
Has Trouble With: marathons
Strong Points: healing
Sailor She's Usually Paired With: Sailor Pluto or Sailor Mini Moon
Dream: to become a doctor
Mythology*: Sailor Saturn was the Greek Titan Cronus. Cronus was the father of time, actually Pluto is the guardian of time but in the Greek mythology Saturn or Cronus. He was the keeper of time and he was a very cruel Titan who betrayed his father Uranus to become the ruler of the Gods. When Cronus ruled the earth was a terrible place. And that's why I think that Sarturn in the anime should never awake. But Hotaru isn't a cruel person after all.

 Sailor Moon S phrases:
  • Death Reborn Revolution

    Sailor Saturn says this to create a huge blast from her Glaive (the staff that she carries). It's known as "unleashing the power of death," and it's so powerful that if Saturn actually used the full attack, she would get killed in the process. Has she ever fully used the attack? Of course not - she'd be dead by now! She tried to use it in Sailor Moon S, but was stopped by Sailor Moon, and she tried to use it in Stars, and was stopped by Sailor Chibi Moon.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars phrases:

  • Silent Wall

    This is probably Saturn's only defensive power. It involves her blocking an attack using her Glaive. She only used it twice... she used it to save Mamoru from Nephrenia's blast, and she used it to save the Sailors from Galaxia's blast.

Misstress 9


Later, Hotaru invites Chibi-Usa to go see a movie. Chibi-Usa agrees and brings three of her friends with her. Hotaru doesn't show up at the meeting spot, and Chibi gets worried. She calls Hotaru's room, but no one answers. She then gets even more worried, and decides to go to Hotaru's house. There, she gets a VERY big surprise... she sees Hotaru through her window. She sees the mechanical parts of Hotaru's arm and stares, almost scared. She imediately starts to apologize saying she shouldn't have barged in, then runs away. Hotaru tries to call to her again, but she has another fit.

CyborgWhen Hotaru wakes up, she begins to cry that she's lost her friend. "I didn't want people to know the secret of my cold body that blood doesn't flow through. I was all by myself. Dad only cared about his research. I thought I was going to die alone. I finally made a friend. Until she saw my body like this. How is there any use in living? Is there a point to my life...?"

Hotaru has another fit again. This time, it looks much worse. She sees three figures of the outer senshi at her window. She yells at them asking them why they look at her with such pity. She throws her amulet out the window at them. She thinks that someone is trying to burst out of her body and trying to take over...

Meanwhile, Chibi-Usa stopped running. She said the way Hotaru looked surprised her. She began to worry if she had hurt her. At that moment, it began to hail. It was hail inticed by the Death Busters and she began to loose strength and fell to the ground. Usagi and Mamoru finds her, and helps her. Meanwhile, one of the Death Busters, Cyprine, is attacking Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The inners come to help attack Cyprine, much to the protests of the outers. The Death Buster casts a spell and clouds the inners' and outers' minds (except Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi-Moon and Tuxedo Kamen). The Inners and Outers start to fight each other while Sailor Moon and Chibi-Moon try to wake them up. They fail... so Usagi, Chibi-Usa, and Tuxedo Kamen join hands as Sailor Moon ask that all their spirits be one... The holy grail appears in her hands as the moon on her forehead shines. All the senshi wake up from the spell as all 3 talismans appear and start to resonate. Uranus's; the space sword, Neptune's; the Aqua Mirror, and Pluto's; the Garnet Orb. The inner senshi bring their power into the holy cup, as Usagi cries out,"Crisis, Make-up!" She turns into Super Sailor Moon and defeats the enemy easily.

Misstres 9 begins to take overHotaru is still battling the thing that is trying to burst out of her. She looses and another person takes over... an evil entity and talks to Pharoah 90. She then drops to the ground... her forehead feeling like its being ripped apart. She lays on the floor unconcious.

Meanwhile, the outer and inner senshi go back to Haruka's apartment, which is now recked from the battle. There, the outer senshi tell the inners that when Sailor Moon used the Holy Grail, their talismans reacted... and only once before did they do that. It was when the Silver Millenuim was destroyed. Their talismans began to resonate, which awoke the final senshi who should never awaken, from the planet Saturn. At that time, the outer senshi were forbidden to leave their planets, so they were never supposed to meet and bring the talismans together. When the Silver Millenuim was attacked by the Dark Kingdom, the talismans awoke Saturn. There, Saturn proceeded to "bring down her glaive" to destroy all that was left. There, the outer senshi died too.

The outer senshi were reborn again on this world, Earth. They're trying to keep Saturn from awakening, because if she does, it'll mean the death of the world. They told the inners that Sailor Saturn was, too, reborn on this world. Neptune shows a picture of her in her talisman, the aqua mirror; its Hotaru. Chibi-Usa is shocked and looks worried. The outers explain that Saturn's awakening is near and Hotaru is feeling the effects.. with pain. Pluto explains that Saturn wasn't supposed to be reincarnated... that somehow, somewhere the "wheels of fate had gone wrong."

Click to get a larger piccyUranus says that whatever happens, Saturn must not awaken. Venus asks how they're going to do that. Uranus says plainly,"Kill her... then we'll completely seal Saturn away." Chibi-Usa's eyes glaze over. The outers say they have to to prevent what happened at the Silver Millenuim from happening again. Sailor Moon protests saying there HAS to be another way. Uranus looks a little sad and says if there WAS another way, they'd use it... "We don't have long. The child's body... you've seen it, right, Chibi-Usagi-chan? She was seriously ill from an accident when she was 6 years old. It was a miracle she returned from her coma alive. As she had the best mind, she was a result of the outcast Professor Tomoe's life work. The fusion of man and machine. Just like a doll, the professor converted her body into that of a machine. The child's small body has already been worn out." Jupiter asks again,"Isn't there another way?" Uranus says there's one way that she can be saved... and that's for her to awaken as Sailor Saturn, which they can't let happen. Mars tells the outers they have no right to kill Hotaru to seal away Hotaru. The outers still won't change their mind saying that they'll kill her so the earth can live... that if they kill Saturn, then they'll defeat the enemies, and that's their new mission: to seal Saturn away before she awakens. Sailor Moon is VERY upset and yells that they can't kill her... Sailor Moon tells them that they can save everything. Neptune tells her,"We thought you'd say that. So you can't do the mission with us. We can't be allies. You may hate us. For you, we may be enemies. Since there is no other way, we will do our duty. We will save the world." Then, the outers turn and leave.

Chibi-Moon is VERY upset that the outers want to kill her. She runs off to Hotaru's place to try to get there before the outers do to warn her. She tells herself that she won't run away from Hotaru no matter what form she's in because they're friends. She arrives at Hotaru's house and finds her laying on the floor unconscious. The outers jump into a tree and stop in their tracks when they see Chibi-Moon. Hotaru's head jerks up, her eyes glowing. Chibi-Usa stops. A hand reaches out and rips Chibi-Moon's Silver Crystal from her... she's returned to her street clothes and falls to the ground. Sailor Moon arrives and grabs Chibi-Usa. When "Hotaru" gets the Crystal, her hair grows out long... she's still laying on the floor. The rest of the inners arrive, but all the senshi are blown back by a power from "Hotaru" as she laughs evily. Sailor Moon is surprised and wonders if Saturn has awakened already. The outers say the talismans arn't activating... so it can't be Saturn. "Hotaru" gets up holding the crystal laughing and telling her Master Pharoah 90 that she's awakened. Tuxedo Kamen holds Chibi-Usa... she isn't breathing.

They take Chibi-Usa to a hospital. A doctor says she's gone under cardiac arrest and is dying. Mamoru asks if he could be alone with Usagi and Chibi-Usa. The inners and the doctors leave. Usagi looks very upset... almost angry as she thinks,"Hotaru-chan... Sailor Saturn killed her!!" The outers come in and tell her that Chibi-Usa's soul has been stolen. That the Death Busters are humans who's souls have been stolen and have become vessels which they unite to bring about he utilization. They tell her that what they saw a few minute ago was not the awakening of Saturn... that she has become one of the vessels for the Death Busters. Usagi asks what will happen to Hotaru and Chibi-Usa. Haruka explains that after awhile, they'll become daimons, and when they do that, they can no longer be saved. The outers will kill Hotaru since when she's become a daimon, she'll just suffer and die. They'll kill Hotaru before she suffers. Sailor Moon starts to protest, but Uranus jumps in,"She has Chibi-Usa's spirit and the mystical Silver Crystal! What do you want us to do?! If you want Chibi-Usa saved, you have to fight and take them back! If we don't kill her, we'll be killed! Even if Sailor Saturn doesn't awaken, destruction will come. Kill or be killed. Which would you choose?" Usagi agrees to come with them to take Chibi-Usa's spirit back. Mamoru takes Chibi-Usa over to his apartment... there, he takes part of his life source to give to Chibi-Usa so she'll stay alive until they get her spirit back. Mamoru's body will be burdoned, but Mamoru says its alright. Usagi is upset... she can't decide between lives... Chibi-Usa, Hotaru, and the world. Mamoru tells her not to loose hope.

Meanwhile, Hotaru now converted into Misstress 9 is venting over her hair (She keeps cutting her hair, but it keeps growing back) and how uncomfortable she is in the human body. Professor Tomoe comes in and tells Misstress 9 that he had planted the daimon seed in Hotaru such a long time ago, that he didn't expect her to even awaken. Misstress 9 tells them that she was Pharoah 90's old partner in their old world... and she won't accept their failures. She then goes to talk to Pharoah 90 personally and gives him the power of the Silver Crystal. Later, Misstress 9 takes the crystal and swallows it.... while Chibi-Usa's body at Mamoru's apartment begins to glow. Misstress 9 overflows with power, and she starts giving some to Pharoah 90... the Silver Crystal has infinite power.

At Mamoru's apartment, Chibi-Usa's eyes open wide as her body begins to shake. Misstress 9 gives more and more power to Pharoah 90, but suddenly, she doubles over. The real Hotaru inside, is fighting keeping the power source minimal. Misstress 9 is in serious pain... she tells Pharoah 90 that she'll get rid of this human body once her utilization is complete. Hotaru inside says with a closed fist,"I can't let that happen!"

Hotaru protects Chibi-Usa's spiritChibi-Usa finds herself floating in darkness. Shes scared and she feels that something has been comming after her. She hears Hotaru's voice call her... Chibi-Usa turns around and sees her Silver Crystal. Chibi-Usa floats over and grabs it... happy because she knew her body couldn't live without it. Hotaru holds Chibi-Usa, curled up by her knees... Chibi-Usa thinks shes being held by her mother, but thinks,"No, its not like in mom's arms. Cool, big, wide... I feel at ease." Hotaru tells Chibi-Usa that she'll protect her spirit... that she won't let anyone harm her.

Outside in the real world, Misstress 9 feels the Silver Crystal's power has "weakened." At Mamoru's apartment, he sees that Chibi-Usa's convulstions have stopped... he wonders if someone is protecting her spirit.

The outer and inner senshi are checking out the Infinity School. Its totally deserted. The inners seperate as Sailor Moon goes with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. They step into an elevator and proceed to go down to the basement. After awhile, they are attacked as darkness flows all around. Sailor Moon is floating in the darkness... she remembers what the outers told her in the elevator about how lonely they were by themselves suspended on their planets... but that the light of the queen and princess kept them going. At this thought, Sailor Moon thought of her senshi allies as her light... guiding her out of the darkness. She becomes strong in her spirit and says she won't be deceived by illusions... she takes out her rod and attacks with "Rainbow Moon Heartache." Sailor Moon and the outers find themselves crashing to the elevator floor. The door opens and they are greeted by Prof. Tomoe and some daimons. The senshi defeat the daimon, while Prof. Tomoe turns into a daimon himself. At first, Sailor Moon can't fight back, knowing it was Hotaru's dad just a few minutes ago. Uranus gets out her talisman, the space sword and tells her its no longer Tomoe... but a daimon. Uranus and Sailor Moon work together to defeat it. Hotaru's spirit faintly arrives. "Papa..." she says,"The gental dad since mama died... the dad who came to save me... he wasn't my dad anymore... Goodbye, papa." She slowly fades away. Sailor Moon turns around yelling,"Who's that?!" She sees nothing.

The building begins to rumble... Sailor Pluto takes out her Garnet Orb and protects them while the ceiling collapses. Sailor Moon's "Super" form is undone. She worries because the unity of their spirits have been broken and something must have happened to the other inners. While floating, they see a figure inside one of the rooms... its Misstress 9 surrounded in LOADS of energy laughing evily. Sailor Moon asks surprised,"That's Hotaru-chan?!" (Click to read on..You have to scroll down to where you left off, or read the whole manga story)


Hotaru is one of those characters that you feel sorry for. After a lab accident where she was killed, her father agreed to sell his soul to bring Hotaru back to life. But then the bad guy who did this started to take over Hotaru too! On top of this, Hotaru didn't have any friends until she met Chibi-Usa (Rini). This was because she once used her healing powers in public to help someone, but then everybody thought she was weird and stayed away from her. However, when Hotaru told her this, Chibi-Usa thought that was an amazing power and was impressed with Hotaru.

Chibi-Usa introduced Hotaru to Usagi (Serena), who treated Hotaru the way she would treat anyone. So they became friends too.

Before she met Chibi-Usa, Hotaru was lonely and had low self esteem. If not for Chibi-Usa, she probably would have let Mistress 9 take her over completely (this is described in the third season summary). When Hotaru was taken over by Mistress 9, Uranus and Neptune wanted to destroy her to save the world. But Super Sailor Moon kept stopping them (and getting beat up in the process ^.^). It was probably Sailor Moon's and Chibi-Usa's friendship, and her father's love, that let Hotaru destroy Mistress 9 (who had taken over her body - think of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). However, at this point Hotaru transformed to Sailor Saturn, the senshi of death.

Sailor Saturn explained to Sailor Moon that, in order to destroy the bad guy (Pharoah 90), she would use her "Silence Glaive Surprise" attack. However, this attack was so powerful that she would kill herself in the process (She is the most powerful Sailor after all). Now, throughout the whole season Sailor Moon has been constantly saying that they would save the world without sacrificing anyone. So when this happened... ^.^ it's obvious that a few fans were getting kind of tired of the whole "sacrifice policy." Anyway, Sailor Moon got incredibly upset, summoned all of the Sailors power, and saved the day. In the process, Hotaru was reborn as a tiny infant.

Like the rest of the Outer Senshi, Hotaru disappeared during the fourth season. Then she reappeared when Setsuna picked her up from her father. When the Outer Senshi were being threatened by bad guys, Hotaru's power "re-emerged," and she started rapidly aging. Supposedly she was aging to her age in Sailor Moon S, but most people agree that she appears to have grown to Chibi-Usa's age. Anyway, Hotaru also granted the Super upgrade to the Outer Senshi. At this point we see that Hotaru is living with Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna in the same house (awww... a big happy family). In the battle with Nephrenia, Saturn almost used her "Silence Glaive Surprise" to defeat Nephrenia. But guess who stopped her this time? Sailor Chibi Moon! (these events are described in the first Stars summary)

After Nephrenia was defeated, she promptly disappeared again. She didn't reappear until the end of the fifth season. It's not clear whether she had returned to her father's house ("Ahh! You grew up!!") or was still staying with the Outers.

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