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 For love and justice, I am the pretty, sailor-suited fighter, Sailor Chibi Moon! In the name of the future Moon, I'll punish you!



Sailor Name: Sailor Chibi Moon, Super Sailor Chibi Moon
Human Name:
Japanese Name: Tsukino Usagi (the same as her mother), nickname: Chibiusa-chan (Chibi means small); the manga gives her the name Usagi Small-Lady Serenity ^.^
English Dub: Serena, nickname Rini
Other Names: Small Lady (she's usually called this by Pluto, Neo-Queen Serenity, or Diana), Black Lady (Wicked Lady), Princess Serenity
Height: ??
Day of week associated with Kanji: Monday
Birthday: June 30
Astrological sign: Cancer
Blood Type: O
Gemstone: diamond
Favorite Color: red, pink
Favorite Food: pancakes, pudding
Least Favorite Food: carrots (a pun, remember her name means rabbit?)
Favorite Subject: drawing
Worst Subject: languages
Favorite Pastimes: collecting Usagi goods (???)
Has Trouble With: taking care of the house (remember the Nurse Venus episode? ^.^)
Strong Points: getting people to give her things
Sailor She's Usually Paired With: Sailor Moon, Sailor Saturn, or Tuxedo Kamen Dream: to be friends with everybody, to become a lady like her mother


If you don't know already, (spoiler) Chibi-usa is the daughter of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen. She was actually born in the future, and then travelled back in time to get help from Sailor Moon when Crystal Tokyo was attacked (these events are described in the Sailor Moon R season summary). At first she didn't know that Usagi was her mother; she simply knew that someone with the same name as her would have the silver crystal. Therefore, the first time she met Usagi, she pulled out a real-looking-but-toy-gun and threatened to shoot Usagi if she didn't give her the silver crystal (note: this was cut in the dub).

Chibi-usa is probably a more disliked character in the series. I personally ::ducking:: think that when Usagi and Chibi-usa get together they act annoying, but when they're apart they act pretty normal. Usually when Chibi-usa and Usagi get together they fight, whether over Tuxedo Kamen or other things, but they actually do care about each other deeply (think of Usagi's relationship with Rei).

Chibi-usa has friendships with all the Inner Sailors, especially with Rei. She also tends to have a better relationship with the Outer Sailors, especially Hotaru and Setsuna. This is probably because Chibi-usa is a very outgoing and friendly person (around everybody but Usagi), and despite the fact that most of the Outer Sailors are withdrawn, she still manages to win their affections.

Chibi-usa is also probably popular at her school, since in season SuperS she got asked out by several boys (including the most popular boy in the school ^.^). Her best friend in school is Momoko (Melissa), while her best friend out of all the Sailors is probably Hotaru (Sailor Saturn). Usagi and Chibi-usa are, of course, good friends, but I think relatives have a different standard.

Chibi-usa left at the end of R season only to return halfway through season S. Her reason was because her mother wanted her to train in the past. As Sailor Chibi Moon, her attacks weren't very powerful and were usually used as distractions for the bad guys (so SM could finish them off with her main attack), although her "Luna-P Change!" attack did come in handy a few times. Chibi Moon's biggest part in the series was probably because she was best friends with Hotaru, who was possessed by the major baddy Mistress 9. At one of the last episodes of the series, she received a letter from her mother saying that Neo-Queen Serenity wanted her to return to the future. Chibi-usa was very sad to find this out, and was even sadder to find that the girls were happy that she was leaving (she misinterpreted this: the Sailors were trying to make her feel better by pretending to be happy for her). However, Chibi-usa found out from Neo-Queen Serenity that she didn't mind if Chibi-usa stayed in the past for as long as she wanted, and so Chibi-usa returned (just in time to defeat the Monster-of-the-Day).

SuperS is usually described as when they threw out Sailor Moon as the main character and replaced her with Chibi Moon. Maybe this is why the series' ratings went down ::ducking again::. Sailor Chibi Moon transformed to Super Sailor Chibi Moon, became good friends with Pegasus, and received the power (from him) to destroy bad guys. Now she had a major role in the series, where she called forth the power for Super Sailor Moon's main attack. Chibi Moon also became very good friends with Pegasus, and eventually learned that he was actually a handsome young man called Helios. As the series passed, they got to liking each other too ^.^ Unfortunately, Helios left at the end of the series. She was very sad to see him go, but managed to get a hug good-bye.

Stars is usually described as when they returned Sailor Moon to the main character slot and sent Chibi Moon to the future again. Chibi Moon participated in the first part of the series, and then returned to the future at the beginning of the second part. It's assumed that she felt her training was done. Sailor Moon was very sad to see her go.

The Black Lady
  When Sailor Moon proved unable to revive Neo-Queen Serenity, a dejected Rini wanders outside the protection of Crystal Palace. Wiseman notices this and decides to come face to face with the little princess. Looking deep into her subconscious, he discovers that Rini, in an attempt to prove just how princessly she could be, had touched the Silver Crystal of the future...and that's when it disappeared. Wiseman senses an opportunity. He searches for the darkest, loneliest thoughts in her memories, bringing them out into the open and using them to convince Rini that no one cared about her, that she was perpetually alone. He eventually wins her trust, and he takes her where he can bathe her in the energy of the Dark Crystal. This energy would transform her, making her into the dark beauty known as Wicked Lady [Black Lady].

Wiseman sends Wicked Lady to the present day as his agent, to fend off the Sailor Scouts and help Prince Diamond gather the necessary energy to build the Dark Crystal. She's even ready to become the conduit for that dark energy, willing to let herself be destroyed so that the Earth may be destroyed with her.

Though Saillor Moon tries several times to make Rini realize the truth, the energy from the Dark Crystal and the words of Wiseman cloud her thoughts, and Sailor Moon must resort to approaching Wicked Lady as her future mother to shatter Wiseman's lies and make her see the love they share.


Pegasus & Rini

 Sailor Moon R phrases:
  • Luna-P change! (Luna Ball, Kitty Magic/Kitty Power)

    Chibi-usa says this to convert her luna ball into any object. She used this through R and S season, but she didn't use it after that because Diana took the place of her luna ball. In R, she'd use it for creating a present for Ami, or maybe creating a toy-gun, and in S she used it to create a fire extinguisher to extinguish some flames.

Sailor Moon S phrases:
  • Moon Prism Power, make up!

    Chibi-usa says this to transform into Sailor Chibi Moon. Although its the same words as Sailor Moon's first transformation, they don't have the same transformation sequence.

  • Pink Sugar Heart Ache

    Sailor Chibi Moon says this to create several pink hearts that distract and enemy. Her attack doesn't always work... but it will usually confuse or distract the bad guy long enough for Sailor Moon to use her main attack.

Sailor Moon SuperS phrases:
  • Moon Crisis, make up!

    Rini says this to transform into Super Sailor Chibi Moon (with Super Sailor Moon). This power was granted to her by Pegasus.

  • Twinkle Yell

    Super Sailor Chibi Moon says this when she calls upon the Pegasus with her bell. Pegasus appears and then gives the power to Super Sailor Moon so she can perform her main attack.

  • Moon Gorgeous Meditation

    This was Chibi Moon's special attack, which only appeared in the Sailor Moon SuperS movie. She created her own kaleid moon scope, identical to Super Sailor Moon's kaleid moon scope, and teamed up with Sailor Moon. They held hands and rotated in a circle, and then struck the bad guy as fast as a bullet (which destroyed it).